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Michelle Gamble and son at Laguna Beach
Michelle Gamble and son at Laguna Beach

This site is the personal site of Michelle Gamble of Laguna Beach. I am a mom and business development executive. My career has been spent at IDC, PwC Consulting, The Gartner Group and Seibel Systems. My practice delivers unique marketing insights to some of the world’s leading companies and brands through innovative custom marketing research.

On my blog I write about anything my personal and professional interests. These include business development, leadership and the causes that my family and I support. We are active in the Laguna Beach area and with my sons school. We are passionate supporters of TACA – Talk About Curing Autism and Canyon Riders. I also support organizations that address the impact of addiction on families. You can also learn more about me on my bio page including my business interests and accomplishments.







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Hope, Peace & Contentment Cannot Be taken or Destroyed. They Are Yours Forever. – Michelle Gamble




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Laguna Beach Aerial Picture
Laguna Beach At Night Is Stunning.

Laguna Beach has been my home since I was a child and I love being able to pass along my love of the region to my son, Cole. Like many Californians, Cole and I love outdoor activities and the beach and ocean. We hike, bike and enjoy strolls along the great shops downtown. Laguna Beach is a hip and upscale community that retains its quirky, bohemian charm that stems from when it was a center of hippy culture and the literal home of Timothy Leary.

To learn more about my Laguna Beach take a look at the small, online travel journal I created to celebrate my home town. Here I share a local’s suggestions to make your visit here wonderful.





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