Providing Long-Term Value over Short-Term Solutions

There’s always some confusion around the term ‘Business Development,’ I’ve found.


“What do you do?”


“My name is Michelle Gamble from Laguna Beach. I’m an analyst and I specialize in Business Development.”

“Uh, okay? What does that mean?”


It means understanding the importance of long-term value rather than short-term solutions. Simply put, it’s helping a business grow over time, helping business owners explore their options through this, and understanding the importance of relationships on every level.


The relationship between customer and product or service, the relationship between managers and staff, and the relationship the business owner has with their business.


Clearly, business development covers a broad scope of areas: Sales, Marketing, Project Management, and Partnerships to name a few.


A business developer works in all the spheres mentioned above, but they don’t work in them in the traditional sense.


In Sales, the business developer will ascertain the potential for sales over a certain time period, and help the sales department set goals for the future.

Michelle Gamble and Son at the Beach

In Marketing, the business developer analyzes the market and helps set a marketing budget for the team to work with on their initiatives.


Analysis is a huge part of successful business development and building that long-term value which helps grow a business. Here’s what I love about it: it’s not cold numbers and facts. It’s intuitive, and it’s all about dealing with people and understanding them on a psychological level.


Understanding a market is about quantitative analysis, yes, but it’s also about understanding who is in that market.


The people who buy the product or invest in the service essentially drive all the growth for a business, just as the culture within a business and the managers who are hired can create the perfect atmosphere for growth or destabilize that entirely.


Emotional intelligence is an absolute must for any business developer. Only through these real connections can the developer provide long-term value and help the business do the same for its consumers.


Overcoming Adversity – Gratitude in the Face of Hard Lessons


Recently, an article was published on the USA Herald about me and what I’ve been through. It was strange to read about it from an outside perspective, but it brought back memories of what happened – I won’t say that the memories are pleasant, but they’ve certainly made me who I am today.


In case you’re not aware, three years ago I was in a car accident which changed everything. My foot was badly injured and while in hospital I caught a Super Bug which was drug resistant.


It effectively started eating away at my foot and entered my bones. The doctors told me the only way to save my life was to have the foot removed entirely. Call me crazy, but I wasn’t willing to do that. Through a lengthy process of meeting with expert after expert, I finally met the specialist who agreed to help me.


Seven surgeries later and an entire year of rehabbing my foot and I’m well. I guess you could call it fully-functional. I’ve been through a divorce. I’m now a single parent. And I’ve spent the last three years out of the professional arena which I adore.


But, you know what? I wouldn’t trade the experience I had for anything. Now that I’m back in the saddle, I look back on what happened and I’m actually grateful for it. I don’t think I would’ve achieved the level of strength and determination I have if I hadn’t been through all of that.


I believe that certain lessons and tasks are placed in our path for a reason. They’re kind of like tests, except with these there are no ‘right’ answers. You either step up to the challenge or back down. I’ve never been one to back down and that’s been my saving grace over the past three years.


Looking back on what I’ve experienced and the strength I gleaned from it, I can only come to one conclusion: I’m blessed.


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